Meghan Markle became friends with Victoria Beckham

Меган Маркл подружилась с Викторией Бекхэм

In the lead up to the wedding with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle already settles in London and gets the first influential experience. One of the first, according to insiders, was Victoria Beckham.

Меган Маркл подружилась с Викторией Бекхэм

It turned out, the girls brings the same love of beauty. 43-year-old Victoria, who recently launched her own range of cosmetics, told Megan about the best beauty salons of London, and even helped the Prince’s bride to be written where all lined up on the floor.

“Megan was very pleased with the recommendations of the Victoria and grateful that she introduced many in London. They became closer and often overwritten. Megan trusts her and appreciates her advice. Even considering an appointment to the hairdresser Victoria during the Christmas holidays,” says the insider about the new acquaintance Markle. Also, Victoria has kindly provided future wife of the Prince checked his beautician super Sarah Chapman, for which customers are willing to stand in the waiting list for six months.

After the network found out about the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, representatives of the Royal family published details of the wedding. “Windsor is a special place for Harry, and he and Megan had regularly been there for years. They are very excited to begin married life in this castle… Gala day is organized so that members of the public will be able to feel part of the celebration,” declared one of the representatives of Kensington Palace at the briefing.

It became known that the Royal family will pay the basic cost of the celebration, including the reception, food, flowers, decorations and Church services, and the taxpayers will pay for security. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are already listed in the list of honored guests, and as head of the Anglican Church, Archbishop of Canterbury, it is not yet known whether he will lead the Church ceremony.

Before the wedding, Meghan Markle would be baptized and receive British citizenship. Divorced parents of actress, Thomas Markle and Doria Raglan, will join the celebration, but does lead father of Megan to the altar.

Meghan Markle will leave behind his acting, but his activity in the UN and past public projects, and instead do charity work as a member of the British Royal family and will soon go to visit in the UK along with Prince Harry. It is reported that Megan Markle will receive the title of Duchess of Sussex.