Meghan Markle and Prince Harry thank the fans for charitable

Меган Маркл и принц Гарри благодарят поклонников за благотворительную деятельность

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, detached from Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, created the Duke’s instagram account and actively lead (who is Megan or PR Manager — unknown). It published photos of Megan and Harry from meetings and important events. This time through social network the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has thanked fans for their charitable activities.

Меган Маркл и принц Гарри благодарят поклонников за благотворительную деятельность

Recently, fans of the couple have launched a Twitter flashmob under the hashtag #globalsussexbabyshower. It fans of the couple donated the money they had to spend on a gift for their future heir. The amount was sent to the funds under the patronage of the Duke and Duchess. “Just a week ago the Duke and Duchess of Sussex asked you to support charitable organizations around the world instead of having to send them gifts in connection with the upcoming birth of their first child. Their Royal Highnesses wanted to let you know about the power of your influence – the direct effect of energy and action! You become part of the collective good. Whether it be a donation of $ 5, a contribution of £ 1,000 or a story about this event to someone – you have done a lot. On behalf of the Duke, Duchess and baby Sussex we thank you,” write the couple on the social network page.

Also in the post were summarized amounts collected for four charities.

Recall that preparation for childbirth is in full swing, and the day before the couple released an official statement in connection with the upcoming birth of the baby. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussexsee very grateful for the good wishes they receive from people from all over England and from all over the world. Their Royal Highnesses decided to keep the plans for the birth of their baby a secret. The Duke and Duchess look forward to the opportunity to share exciting news with everyone, as long as they want to celebrate the birth of a baby in a narrow circle”.

Putting it all together: the couple will pose for photographers on the steps outside the hospital. Megan doesn’t want to follow tradition and give birth in the hospital is not going to. As informs edition Daily mail, contrary to rumors, Megan gives birth to the firstborn of the house in their new residence — Frogmore cottage where they and Harry moved just last week. At the same time, security measures are met — around the residence will be on duty ambulance, which will stay there for another day after birth into the light.

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