Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave his first interview about his relationship

Меган Маркл и принц Гарри дали первое интервью о своих отношениях

36-year-old Meghan Markle and 33-year-old Prince Harry one day decided to reveal all my secrets, announcing the engagement and for the first time coming into the light as the bride and groom. Also on this day, the pair gave an interview to BBC where he spoke about his romantic journey, and his friendship.

Before meeting with her lover, Meghan Markle was a member of the project “Force majeure”, where he played one of the heroines. In an interview the actress confirmed the information that left the series because of the intention to connect his life with the British Prince. To be a future wife of a British pet is not an easy job and implies a lot of responsibilities. Because of this, the actress has decided to abandon his career. “I know she will be incredibly nice and in this work,” confirmed Prince Harry, referring to the charity events and the various outputs to light that the Royal family spends a lot of time.

As you know, the couple met through a mutual friend Markle in July 2016, the year, for which the actress has decided not to call. Megan just said that I knew almost nothing about the Prince to meeting, and Harry himself said that not watched the shows with her participation before their personal acquaintance.

The couple spoke about their romantic trip to Botswana, as described by the news media. “We were next to each other under the stars. Megan was my companion for five fantastic days, ” said the Prince.

Megan told me about that fateful day when Prince Harry made her an offer of marriage. It all happened in the most normal evening in the house of Prince in the territory of Kensington Palace when they were cooking fried chicken. “It was just a wonderful surprise, honey, natural and very romantic,” says Markle. Harry said that in the night the actress didn’t even let him finish a prepared speech. “She wouldn’t even let me finish, because once asked, “Can I say Yes?” … I think I managed to catch you off guard,” said the Prince to his beloved.

In an interview, mentioned Princess Diana, whose diamonds adorned the engagement ring that her son gave Megan. “She always with us” in unison lovers say. According to Prince, his bride and mother would become real friends, if lady Di was still alive.

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