Меган Маркл и Кейт Миддлтон с принцами Гарри и Уильямом приняли участие в форуме Royal Foundation

28 Feb Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton with princes Harry and William for the first time attended an official event together — the pair took part in the forum of Royal Foundation.

Меган Маркл и Кейт Миддлтон с принцами Гарри и Уильямом приняли участие в форуме Royal Foundation

The Royal family visited the forum to discuss the topic, called Making a Difference Together, in which high-ranking guests were presented a new program launched by the Fund. “We are all proud of the work done with our partners in the fight against social stigma,” said Middleton.

It is worth noting that Kate Middleton and princes have been patrons of the organization, but Megan Markle will join her soon.

We will remind, Kensington Palace announced that the Duchess Catherine became the Royal patron of the Royal College of obstetricians and gynecologists and the charity organization Nursing Now. With a visit to the institution the Duchess did not wait, and immediately went met with them. First in line was the Royal College of obstetrics and gynecology, where Kate Middleton spoke about the health care programs. The goal is to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality worldwide. There Kate will take part in the discussion of stigma in relation to women’s health.

Later Kate was taken to the hospital of St. Thomas. There she was to officially launch the program “Care nurses” and to speak.

Despite the last months of pregnancy, Kate Middleton continues to visit different countries and cities and perform my Royal duties. This morning, together with her husband Prince William, Kate went to Sunderland — a city in the English County of Tyne and wear. First stop was a historic building — a fire station converted into a music and art center The Fire Station. The pair had to open the building to visit.

Outfit to visit Kate chose well — it was dressed in a coat Dolce&Gabbana rich emerald green.

Music and arts center, The Fire Station is not the only discovery that had to do a Royal couple. Later the couple will visit the Northern spire — “an ambitious and bright new bridge across the river wear” as I write Western publications. Kate Middleton and Prince William will be first to cross this bridge, since its official opening will take place only in the spring (if weather conditions will allow to finish all works).