Меган Маркл и Амаль Клуни стали самыми влиятельными женщинами по мнению Vogue

The new editor of Vogue Edward Enninful not sitting idle and has submitted its first list of the 25 most influential women, which this time was without Elizabeth II and Prime Minister of the UK Theresa may. Instead of them there appeared the Duchess of Sussex and Amal Clooney.

After you began a relationship with Prince Harry, Megan became very recognizable, and after the wedding — one of the most popular people. Besides being known for Megan added to the list due to the large influence in the society: she is a fighter for racial and gender equality and charity. Amal is not only a famous activist and human rights activist and philanthropist and the founder of the charity Clooney Foundation for Justice.

The list also includes author JK Rowling, designer Stella McCartney, model, Adwoa Aboa and singer-songwriter Dua Lipa. The list was extended from 22 to 73 years, which in the opinion of the editor and the publications are outstanding leaders

When Meghan will learn Royal etiquette, they will simply become “super woman.” To learn everything yourself it can not, therefore, Queen Elizabeth II ordered to teach Megan all the rules of etiquette.

The Duchess of Sussex will be studying at senior adviser to Kensington Palace Samantha Cohen. Megan will not be easy, because Samantha is a strict teacher and recognizes authority. In its history there is a case when she refused to invite Victoria Beckham to the Royal party. In its opinion to be rich is not enough in order to participate on the event of this level.

In a six-month course, etiquette is more practice, which will be held in travels and meetings with various charitable organizations. Samantha will teach Megan to behave in high society. “Megan is asking advice from a range of people. She is going to act very restrained and to be submissive. This training will be quite intensive and active,” says a source at Kensington Palace. Intensive and strict the teacher is not afraid of Megan, because she was used to the grueling work.