Меган Фокс рассказала о браке с Брайаном Остином Грином

In an interview with E! News 31-year-old actress Megan Fox has told how she manages to juggle career and family life with her husband Brian Austin green. Wife, mother of three children, actress and designer lingerie recognized that to do this is not easy, but with the help of her husband.

Меган Фокс рассказала о браке с Брайаном Остином Грином

“Usually in the morning children engaged Brian. He takes them to kindergarten, and I take them,” she says.

Keep strong marital relationship, the actress prefer alone time. Star thinks it’s a great way to relax from the kids and enjoy each other’s company. “Every week we go to the movies or dinner. I’m trying to follow a simple rule — not to talk about children, but this, of course, is almost impossible,” admits Fox.

A year and a half ago the actress gave birth to her third child. She quickly came to the same sexual forms and posing for underwear ads. As Fox admits, to achieve such success in a short time she helped with proper nutrition. “I only eat organic food. I drink about three liters of water a day and no more than one Cup of coffee,” says the star.

Меган Фокс рассказала о браке с Брайаном Остином Грином
The interviewers are already in the habit to ask female stars about sex scandals in Hollywood. Megan called Hollywood a “moral bankruptcy” and said that the rights of the people in it absolutely no one cares: “as soon As they will receive from you everything they need, they will become absolutely still, what you will. Even if you during the filming break an arm or leg. Your physical condition, nobody cares, and if you bleed, will you continue to work,” she said.

Despite the fact that the actress recognizes the danger and dishonesty of the movie industry, Megan Fox, who played in a series of movies about transformers apologized to filmmaker Michael Beyem. In 2009, she called the Director Hitler, for which he kicked her out of the caste film. After all these years, only now the actress realized her mistake and in an interview for Cosmopolitan UK apologized to Michael.

“All I had to do is apologize, but I refused. It sent me to the bottom of my career. But without it I wouldn’t have the one I am now. In the 23 years I was very cocky, and that was my mistake. I really thought I was some kind of Joan of Arc,” says the actress.

Megan learned an important lesson, the more she realized that it was after this quarrel, her career was on the decline. She noticed that despite the fact that in a few years, has managed to make peace with Michael — she still has not received grossing films. But after a while, in 2014, she starred in the movie “teenage mutant ninja Turtles”, where she played the main role. “However, this darkness, which then appeared in my life, has caused great spiritual growth. When I look back, grateful to this invaluable experience,” says Fox.