Megan Fox shared a rare snapshot of their sons

Меган Фокс поделилась редкими снимками своих сыновей
The actress is confident that she won’t have to punish children.

Меган Фокс поделилась редкими снимками своих сыновей

Megan Fox



Megan Fox has pleased fans by posting a collage of pictures of his family: actress rarely shows children. Almost a year has passed since then,
as Megan shared a photo of his youngest child, and pictures
middle and senior none of her fans have not seen for even longer — for more than two years. And here fans had the opportunity
make sure that during this time three children actress has grown significantly. Now
the eldest son, Noah, 4 years old, medium, Bodhi, three, and small Journey yet
just over a year.

Megan is very proud of
their children. All three are very cute
and strikingly like my mother. Fox repeatedly said: she just
happy that she had three boys. “In my house growing up a little
football team, whose members will take care of me when she grows up. I really like that all three sons. I
I feel something of a matriarch, Queen
bees. Fortunately, my husband Brian — a very
not macho, he’s a sensitive and delicate. And I will try to cultivate the same spirit and sons. I am very
I hope that raising them can do without punishment and harsh words. After all
it seems to me that if you love them right, it doesn’t need to,” said Megan.

Recall that
the birth of the third child in August last year saved the family of the actress. She and her husband
Brian Greene has yet to file for divorce. And then the result, as expressed by Brian, “casual sex” Megan
got pregnant. In the end the couple reconciled and canceled the divorce.