Megan Fox reacted to Coulson Baker's cheating rumors The lovers did not announce their breakup.

Megan Fox responded to Coulson Baker's cheating rumors The news has been actively discussed online for a week now about the breakup of Megan Fox and Coulson Baker. According to rumors, the reason for the quarrel is the betrayal of the rapper, acting under the pseudonym Machine Gun Kelly. Fans of the couple even figured out the girl who allegedly destroyed the celebrity relationship. She turned out to be Sophie Lloyd, a guitarist who joined Baker's band a year ago. Of course, the girl was attacked with criticism, and her representative considered it necessary to comment on the scandalous situation. According to him, the relationship between Sophie and Coulson has always been exclusively working.

Megan Fox responds to Coulson Baker cheating rumors

Later an insider reported that Meghan found correspondence on her fiancé's phone that made her doubt his fidelity.
After that, Fox decided to return to the social network. Whereas a week ago she deleted all the photos with the rapper from there, and then completely deactivated her account. The actress decided to dispel rumors of treason.

“No third parties interfered in our relationship. Except, of course, netizens, bots and demons. I really hate to deprive you of the opportunity to spread unfounded gossip, but you should bury this story and leave everyone innocent people in peace,” Meghan wrote. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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