Megan Fox has shared the first photos of baby son

Megan Fox has shared the first photos of baby son
The third child of the actress inherited her mother’s beauty.

The other day Megan Fox first showed looks like a two-month
son river Journey. As you can see by looking at the photo posted by the actress
in her microblog, the youngest of three sons of actress inherited a stunning blue
the eyes of his mother. How it will look when you grow up, you can
imagine looking at pictures of my middle son Megan — year-old Bodhi, on
which is clearly similar to its little brother …

Amazingly, Fox managed to get from
the time she bore the Journey, the extraordinary pleasure. “Unlike
most women, I love being pregnant. I feel in this period
what is involved in the most important process of creation of a new human being that
it seems to me the highest form of creativity. Besides, I have a spiritual relationship with their
unborn child!” said Megan in an interview.

Incidentally, the birth Journey, born in
August of this year, saved a family of Megan from disintegration. After all, last year Fox and
her husband Brian Austin green took was the decision to leave. But then Megan
got pregnant and canceled their divorce.
Now, according to Fox, the couple quite reconciled together and do
the education of their three sons — baby
Journey, a two-year, four-year Bodhi and Noah.

As said the actress, Noah waited for the birth of her brother
almost with the same look as she is. He’s almost through the whole pregnancy
practiced on the dolls trying to learn how to change diapers. And now it