Меган Фокс официально отменила свой развод
The actress gave a new surprise.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin green

Megan Fox changed her mind
to terminate their marriage and took out of court the petition for divorce. This was announced
the online edition of Daily Mail. Allegedly, this event happened on Saturday,
and yesterday Fox and her husband Brian Austin green celebrated a remarkable achievement in one of
the most fashionable establishments of Malibu restaurant Nobu.

As others have mentioned
visitors, both look quite happy. However, champagne on occasion
his decision to drink Megan had no chance. After all, the actress is now pregnant and her
very soon to give birth. So in the near future the two older children, couples — three year old Noah and two-year Bodhi —will be a little brother. According to friends of Megan, the actress admitted in
the secret that is waiting for another boy.

The history of relations between Fox and its
my husband was uneasy from the start. They
met on the set of the TV series “Hope and Faith”, when Megan was only 18 years old, and two years later they
got engaged. However, in 2009, Fox and Greene broke off the engagement and announced that
I decided to leave. However, they soon reconciled in 2010, got married on
Hawaii. As for and now they have stopped the divorce process
its initiator was just Megan. She filed her petition in August last

And in April of this year
spread plagues all news: Megan announced that she was pregnant. Father
her not yet born baby turned out to be Brian. However, until recently,
Fox insisted that she still wants to divorce green. So it
the decision to stop the divorce process was another surprise. Will
hope that the actress again will not change her mind and her life will be long and green

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