Меган Фокс передумала разводиться

Pregnancy Hollywood actress Megan Fox saved them from Brian Austin green’s marriage. If you believe the insiders, the famous actor and actress broke up and eat (figuratively speaking) with divorce papers.

Меган Фокс передумала разводиться
“They decided to start all over again. They clearly all right. Megan and Brian have been through a lot, but appreciating what we have. The children mean to them” — I assure insiders of journalists UsWeekly.
Recall that the couple, who are already raising two sons, Bodie and Noah, is expecting a son.

In April of this year, the couple was spotted in Hawaii, where they appeared to celebrate their wedding anniversary. It was there, according to the insider, Megan thought to withdraw the divorce papers.
“She hasn’t done that, but thinking in this direction. He and Brian look forward to the appearance of a baby into the world and think about how to raise him together,” — said the source.
Earlier, Megan said that pregnancy is not a reason to refuse the divorce. she filed in August of last year. First, Fox had supposedly stopped the divorce process, but it is now evident that there will be no divorce.

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