Megan Fox becomes mother for the third time

Меган Фокс станет мамой в третий раз Hollywood actress is expecting a child. At the presentation of the picture “teenage Mutant ninja turtles-2” star appeared in a tight dress and short leather jacket that didn’t hide rounded tummy brunettes. Fans are wondering who the father of the child.

      Меган Фокс станет мамой в третий раз

      The actress and her husband Brian Austin green was going through hard times in relationships. In mass media repeatedly there was information that the stars are on the brink of divorce. In 2015 Brian and Megan no longer live together. The spouse of the actress has decided that she needs to spend more time with family and children, instead of receiving all new and new roles. Megan this view was not shared. She decided that it was not made in Hollywood. Rumor has it that the sultry brunette had even filed the divorce papers in the court, explaining his decision “irreconcilable differences” with her husband. After such events, the news that the couple is expecting another child, was perceived by fans Megan very skeptical.

      Paparazzi captured the changing star shape at the presentation of the picture “teenage Mutant ninja turtles-2” in Las Vegas. Photo Fox poses with the film by will Arnett about press-wall, and did not hide its rounded tummy. Frames immediately triggered heated discussion among fans of the actress. Most can hardly believe that the child’s father is Brian Austin green. However, others argue that the relationship of a couple who decided to divorce after 11 years of marriage, recently improved. Megan and Brian had been seen several times together on walks. By the way, the star of “Transformers” every time was kind of baggy clothes that hide her figure.

      When everyone first started talking about the separation of actors, family friends believed that we can still break. “They are still in a good relationship, the more they will have for a long time together to bring up children. Being at the crossroads, each of them wanted to go its own way, but they can still negotiate.” The stars are raising two sons: four-year two-year Noah and Bodhi. It is assumed that the birth of a third child will be able to save their marriage.

      Despite years of joint life, Megan would always say that they are very different. “We try to be tolerant and patient with each other. I’m not trying to turn him into you, and I’m in,” he told the star in an interview.

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