Megan Fox and Brian Austin green had cancelled the divorce

Меган Фокс и Брайан Остин Грин отменили развод

The third child in a family of Megan Fox and Brian Austin green gave them a chance to save their relationship.

Close to pare the informant told the press that the acting couple have decided to suspend the process of divorce and to reconsider its decision regarding the breakup.

“Megan and Brian spent a week in Hawaii and decided to cancel the divorce,” the statement said.

“In light of new developments, they decided to give each other another chance. They were together for several years, of course, between them have feelings. In Hawaii they remembered about the romance that was. Now they plan to work on your relationship and want to do everything possible to remain a family.

We will remind, in June of 2010 Megan married Brian Austin green, whom she met six years before their wedding. The couple have two sons — Noah Shannon green (born September 27, 2012) & Body ransom green (born February 12, 2014). August 21, 2015 Fox filed for divorce from green, indicating the date of separation on June 15 of the same year.


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