Megan Fox and Brian Austin changed his mind about divorce

Меган Фокс и Брайан Остин передумали разводиться

Megan Fox and Brian Austin decided to postpone the divorce, in particular, due to the unplanned pregnancy of the actress.

The news about the pregnancy of Megan Fox (Megan Fox) has made her fans and the press guessing who is the father of the child. In August 2015 Fox and her husband Brian Austin green (Brian Austin Green) filed for divorce.

Regarding theories about the paternity of the actress joked in instagram: she published on the social network collage with your photos with Shia Labefa (Shia LaBeouf), will Arnett (Will Arnett) and Jake Johnson (Jack Johnson), which was accompanied by the hashtag #notthefather (#NEOTEC).


Photos published by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) APR 12 2016 12:47 PDT

E! News learned from insiders that the actress was expecting her third child by Brian Austin. The pregnancy was not planned and encouraged the spouses to reconsider the decision to divorce.

“They work on their relationships, not only for children but also for each other, — said close to a pair of source. — They are eagerly awaiting the birth of her third child. And Megan knows he can count on Bryan, who has been a great partner, and for children — good father”.

Fox and Austin together since 2004. Five years, they officially married. After the breakup, the couple kept in touch and often spent time with the children — the sons of Noah (Noah) and Body (Bodhi).

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