Мэг Райан удивила моложавой внешностью
The actress was suspected of cosmetic surgery.

Мэг Райан удивила моложавой внешностью

Appearing recently on the game of basketball team New York Knicks, held in Madison Square, 56-year-old Meg Ryan
was struck by how young she looks. What provoked a new wave
rumors about that again
took the help of plastic surgeons. Ryan looked absolutely
happy because she was with her two favorite men: her boyfriend
John Mellencamp and 25-year-old son Jack from his first marriage with actor Dennis Quaid.
By the way, Jack followed in the footsteps of parents — he also became an actor and has already
to star in more than two dozens of movies
and TV series.

Interestingly, this fall, Meg began to appear in public with a ring on
engagement finger, prompting rumors about the engagement. This jewel was the
more noticeable that other jewelry on her hands was not. Ryan rarely
wearing a ring, unless, of course, is not going to a restaurant or social gathering.
However, the fact of his engagement, Meg is still not confirmed.

We recall that Ryan and Mellencamp started Dating back in 2010 when
For Meg Mellencamp left his wife Alan Irvine, with whom he lived for about 20
years. However, the novel Ryan with Mellencamp was almost broken forever. The fact is,
in 2015 they broke up. John then went
from Meg to the model Christie Brinkley. However, less than a year, as Mellencamp
left Brinkley. But begging for forgiveness from Ryan’s been hard for him. During
one of his interviews, John admitted he is afraid that Meg simply
hates for what he did to her. However, Ryan
still forgave her unfaithful lover. And since June of this year
often see together.