Мег Райан продает квартиру в Нью-Йорке

Actress and Director Meg Ryan decided to get rid of his new York estate. The star of the movie “Harry met Sally” was put up for sale their apartment, 380 sqm

The apartment, on the territory of which housed three bedrooms and three bathrooms Meg asks $ 11 million. Ryan says the apartment is worth it, because it combines several styles: enjoy the view of the city from the large Windows from floor to ceiling, all doors and passageways of an apartment is decorated in the French style, which adds to the premise of the highlights and charm.

Floors at the entrance to the room lined with black-and-white patterned tiles. Spacious living room features six architectural columns, dark wood floors, ornate cabinets, the kitchen is designed in white tones, and its highlight is the marble countertop.

An important element of the decor of the apartment is a working fireplace that gives the apartment a cosy and perfection.

“I think this apartment design is linked with my active life of the actress. As an actor, you are always under control, always say the words that you provide, do what you say, and here is full freedom of thought and creativity,” says Meg about her apartment.