Мэг Райан воссоединилась со своим любимым
The actress bought the apartment to live with her boyfriend.

Мэг Райан воссоединилась со своим любимым

Meg Ryan has every reason to feel completely happy. First,
she finally reunited with her boyfriend John
Mellencamp. And secondly, Meg managed a substantial discount to purchase a house in
the house where she had long dreamed of living. There she settled with
their loved ones.

recently purchased 55-year-old actress, located in new York city’s trendy Tribeca district. Here lately
there are many celebrities. So Meg and her boyfriend will now live on
door with Jennifer Lawrence, Blake lively and Harry Styles. Thus, as claimed,
Meg still managed to buy a home for 9.3 million dollars, which is much smaller
original price.

she could not save, because recently her Bank account added
a very large amount. The fact that Ryan has a hobby: she gets home
and apartments, remodels them, speaking as a designer, and then with the benefit of
sells. And recently she just “got rid” of another such home,
to gain for him of about 10 million.

as for Mellencamp, with whom she will now share his new home,
with him, the actress has reunited after a nearly two-year break. The fact is,
in 2015, after they dated for four years, John left Ryan.

And not just gone
from MAG, and traded it for former model Christie Brinkley. But Brinkley somehow
was especially hurt Ryan, as much as 8 years older than Meg!

since then, Mellencamp managed to break up with Christy and managed to somehow beg
forgiveness from Meg. For the first time after razuli saw them
together yet this spring, but then all thought it was about a chance meeting.
Now Ryan and Mellencamp have reconciled completely and, moreover, decided
to live together.