Мег Райан тайно вышла замуж?

Rumors about the engagement of the 56-year-old actress with a 67-year-old rock musician John Mellencamp appeared in the spring, and to this day haunt of the paparazzi. They were spying and got some information, which reinforced the photos. Now media reported about the secret wedding of the actress.

Мег Райан тайно вышла замуж?

Photographers captured Meg for a walk in new York, however, the discussion yielded no outfit artist, and jewelry. On the background of rumors about the engagement of the public could not miss the ring, which is attributed to the wedding.

The relationship of Meg and John’s dates back to 2011, but three years later, the stars broke up, remained friends. Long friendship did not last, because in 2017, the couple decided to resume a romantic relationship. Then Meg noticed at a concert of a rock musician, where Meg was dancing near the stage. The offer, according to insiders, John did in the same year.

The star of the films “City of angels” and “Sleepless in Seattle” for more than three years does not appear on the big screen in new film. The actress does not deny that he had already finished his acting career. As reported previously, Meg, she aspired to be an actress.

On one of the summits In Health Goop, the actress said in an interview with the founder Gwyneth Paltrow about his career. “I never aspired to be an actress. In school I studied journalism and was very curious. I would like to go back and see what I could be,” said star.

“I never wanted to be an actress. To me being a celebrity is like being an observer. I felt something of a student and tried to approach everything from the point of view of anthropology.”

In recognition of the actress does not see anything good. “When you become a famous person around you always is a certain void that people fill with their idea of you. What do you out there think, people largely don’t care. They want to know exactly what we imagined. So often you get these comments in his address, which actually do not have to you any relation”.

Gave an interview to Gwyneth with a smile in the friendly atmosphere that the actress is not typical. Correspondents Michael Parkinson and Imona Holmes, Ryan “allergic to interviews.“ “Worldwide, she is the worst actress, which looks like an empty vessel. Talking about myself hurt her,“ said Holmes. Media professionals claim that Meg hates to talk with reporters. Questions that she doesn’t like, she ignores, but if they answer, it does so in a strange manner and even aggressive.

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