Мэг Райан простила своего  неверного любовника
The actress is happy again.

 Мэг Райан простила своего  неверного любовника

Meg Ryan


Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp


In his personal life 55-year-old actress Meg Ryan has been a decisive turn to
best. The fact that she returned to her favorite — rocker John Mellencamp. This was announced by the publication radaronline.com.

At the beginning of this year, no one could have predicted this turn of events. Indeed, in
2015, after a 4-year affair with Ryan, when everyone was already waiting for the announcement of the imminent
the wedding of Meg and Mellencamp cruelly dumped the actress — for the sake of model Christie Brinkley. And then Meg
worst of all seemed the fact that Christie’s, its rival, was not less than, and
the whole 8 years older than Ryan!

parting with Mellencamp Meg completely broke all contact with him. In March of this year John,
who was invited on the Howard stern show, said that Meg hates him.
Moreover, as explained Mellencamp, Ryan
has every right to his concerns. So when recently pararatstsi
caught them together at a Spa, it became a sensation.

Meg and John “spotted” together in the island Marhas Vineyard,
when they dined together at a popular local restaurant Artcliff diner.
Moreover, a little later they prisoedinilsya even 25-year-old son of the actress from her
marriage to Dennis Quaid — Jack. And guests of the restaurant have not noticed even a shadow
hostility in the behavior of the trio. On the contrary, Meg and John behaved as
if we had never parted. Apparently, Ryan has completely forgiven her
cheating lover.