Встреча принца Чарльза и Греты Тунберг: разговор о “зеленом налоге” и новых проектах

Встреча принца Чарльза и Греты Тунберг: разговор о “зеленом налоге” и новых проектах

On January 21 in Davos, Switzerland launched by the world economic forum, the main problems which are global warming and the overall environmental situation on the planet. The forum was attended by many representatives from various countries, and of course the activists who care about the situation with the climate.

One of these days on the forum there was an official meeting of ecoactivists from Sweden Greta Thunberg and Prince Charles. They greeted each other, shook hands and exchanged a few words in the presence of reporters. Greta, in turn, told the Prince that she can’t get used to the constant attention from journalists and the frequent flashes from their cameras. Prince Charles said that he used to this for years, so you just need to bide my time.

Later Thunberg and Prince Charles to alter in a more relaxed environment to discuss some issues. They talked in particular about the “green tax” that is required to pay the company, causing irreparable damage to the ecological environment. Prince Charles shared his thoughts about creating some projects that will be implemented in the near future, and will help to improve the ecological situation in the world as a whole.

On this forum, Prince Charles appeared as a speaker with his speech. The eldest son of Elizabeth II asked the public to begin to take measures to protect the environment now, and not wait, when will start an environmental disaster. He also noted that many people underestimate the problems with the environment, and this is unacceptable.

His speech aroused the audience’s negative feelings. Many decided that the Prince is very two-faced and hypocritical. Many were confused by the fact that on this forum the Prince arrived on his own private jet that pollutes the environment much stronger than regular passenger liners. Comment on negative statements in his address Prince Charles did not.

Such discontent towards the Royal family heard often enough. In August 2019, the public was also thrilled that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, had a private plane just to visit Ibiza. People believe that such flights can be conducted in a conventional aircraft, just in a superior class.

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