Встреча Гуфа и нового мужа Айзы закончилась громким скандалом The rapper hinted that the choice of ex-wife is aggressive and can hurt the child. Pregnant ISA shocked by the accusations Gufa in the social network, which she gave rigid and categorical answer.

      Встреча Гуфа и нового мужа Айзы закончилась громким скандалом

      After a divorce, the ISA and the Guf continue to communicate solely for the sake of son of Sam. The boy lives with his mother and her husband Vladimir Anaheim in Bali. The father comes to him occasionally on the holidays, during which all the time he spends with the child. Not surprisingly, the new chosen ISA became very close with the baby, because he lives with it every day, does, plays, cares for him. In General, performs the daily duties of the Pope.

      During the next holiday in Bali Gufa ISA has published family photos where she poses with ex-husband and new husband and baby Sam. This idyll has caused the fans of the stars the most bright feelings, they rejoiced for the wisdom and love of all family members.

      ISA has reconciled with ex-husband Body

      However, the appearance of happiness disappeared in the last post Gufa, which he published in Instagram. The rapper hinted that new partner of his ex-wife, soon to give birth to a second child, shows aggressiveness in behavior.

      Встреча Гуфа и нового мужа Айзы закончилась громким скандалом“I leave with a lump in my throat. I absolutely do not like what is happening there. God forbid, that she was happy with him, but I’m worried for the son. I’m not rested, not red. I lay with a concussion a week without leaving home, and realized that there is extra. At the time, I thought, I thought this time sure, ” Gough wrote in his characteristic manner. – Well, time will tell. But God forbid me to say that my son who hurt”.

      Guf has received a brain concussion

      The popular singer further added that he wrote a new track about Dmitry Anokhin. It is possible that the song will have critical implications and will give fans of the rapper to understand what exactly does not suit him husband ISA.

      The reaction of the ex-wife’s hurtful words the rapper is not long in coming. She has published on his page in Instagram emotional response Gufu. ISA said as much to little Sam makes Dmitry, and how much they child love each other. She also shared that the real baby’s father is not paying him enough attention and are not able to spend with him more than a couple days. Anokhin suggests that criticism Gufa her new husband jealousy towards the baby, who reaches for Dmitry because he was standing next to him.

      “Yesterday, when we were come to say goodbye to the guys, everything was fine, everyone laughed, joked, but there was one problem, Sam played with Dima, climbed to him, and he pushed Sam in order not to upset the Lech, but the reaction went! Jealousy of father for another man, to a man who does not claim the role of father to Sam, but he loves me, and knows my son is my universe. And hence it too! – posted by ISA Guhu. – My man is Mature, loving and a caring person, able to make as perfect someone else’s child! And instead of thanking him, you’re to blame! Not in person, but here! Not the wrath of God! Do not slander”.

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