Meet with facilities “Lenstroytrest” with the help of virtual travel

Знакомьтесь с сооружениями «Ленстройтреста» с помощью виртуальных путешествий

One of the oldest real estate developers in Saint-Petersburg the company “Lenstroytrest” decided to put at the service of his cause advanced technology in the field of gadgets. Now, in order to see everything built by the Builder of housing estates, no need to go anywhere to spend money, time and energy to visit remote areas of the city — just enough to take in developed by online journey to their sites.

How to take advantage of this offer?

In order to dive into a fascinating virtual journey to St. Petersburg, simply download at your smartphone app, called Lenstroytrest. It is available on both most popular mobile OS — Android and iOS. All you need to do is just go to official store to find the desired program by name using the search and install on your device.

The application can work in 2 different modes: just on the smartphone screen to show beautiful 3-D image of residential complexes or through special virtual reality glasses. In the latter case, it is possible to feel almost alive walking on offered in the program complex “IQ Gatchina”, “Yutteri” or “Anila Country”, to comprehensively inspect the area of construction, each sold apartment. Everything is convenient, easily accessible and very exciting.

IT-technologies in the service of the builders

This service appeared in our country, in fact, for the first time. The technology of virtual reality is still, as they say among programmers quite “cheese”, so it is just starting to experience and apply throughout the world. The developer was able to perceive all new and first started testing all of the advantages created for interested people and potential clients this type of service.
In the West, engineers were able to give virtual reality the ability to influence the human sense of smell, and provide him the opportunity to feel the virtual walk smells. Once this technology is finalized, be sure that in addition to the attractive appearance of the LCD from “Lenstroytrest”, you will smell a pleasant scent from the flower beds in the yards of their homes, the smell of fresh plaster in his future apartment.

Be sure to look at this app and enjoy all the delights of virtual travel around the great residential neighborhoods of this progressive Builder.