Media: Steven Tyler marries his 28-year-old assistant

СМИ: Стивен Тайлер женится на своей 28-летней ассистентке

Western man is different from our desire to live as he want, not as dictated by the society and the ability not to pay attention to the age, erase certain boundaries.

So, Mick Jagger proved that when you’re over 60, you can still love and be loved, and you are able to give someone life.

To attempt to repeat the “feat” of his colleagues decided Steven Tyler. However, the leader of the band Aerosmith decided to be more progressive, and before you make new children, he decided to marry.

68-year-old musician proposed to his girlfriend Aimee Ann Preston. At the very least, write all Western media.

Secular observers believe that the wedding 68-year-old rocker and his 28-year-old assistant around the corner. Think of journalists has prompted the emergence of a couple at the event, Hospitality Committee For United Nations Delegations Ambassadors’ Ball in new York city, where Aimee Ann demonstrated an engagement ring.

Comments on the engagement of the couple has not yet been given. Waiting for messages!

By the way, if the rumors about the impending wedding confirmed that this will be Tyler’s third marriage.

From 1978 to 1987, Stephen was married to model Cyrinda Fox, who bore him a daughter, MIA, from 1988 to 2006 by designer Teresa Barrick, which has two children — daughter Chelsea, and son Ty. In addition, the musician has another child from a relationship with model Bebe Buell, actress Liv Tyler.