Media: Rob Kardashian and black chyna came up with the scandal with the breakup

СМИ: Роб Кардашьян и Блэк Чайна придумали скандал с расставанием

While some regret Rob Kardashian cheated, who left the woman with a newborn child, there are those who suspect that the couple invented a scandal breakup to boost the low ratings of his reality show.

Recall that the scandalous breakup was preceded by a sensational black correspondence with her friends and lawyer. In conversation with friends of China called the father of his daughter “fat lazy” and advocates a model openly talked about the fact that he plans to leave Rob and asked how she used it to make pogramotnee to stay with the money.
Learning about the Kardashian snapped, and black, taking the daughter and calling him a mentally ill person, is gone.
But a contract is a contract even if the couple are not together, they still have obligations to the TV channel E!, so, the show must go on. Insiders close to the black and Robe, insist that their breakup really could be planned.
“Rob and China and in fact, often quarrel. I do not exclude that they really broke up, but it is clear that this whole circus parting – dramatization. They enjoy the fact that everyone was fooled, they are amused. They sit in social networks and reading news about himself. Rob and black believe that they are monsters of manipulation of the media” — said the insider, and added that photos of the house, which was empty for the suffering Kardashian after his woman with the child had gone, had done even before he and black began to live together.
“Black and Rob know that the more drama they create, the longer their show,” said the insider.
Western stars (what can I say, domestic too) often resort to this method of attracting attention to his person. It is not excluded that Rob Kardashian and the mother of his child also decided to make a bid for it.