Media reported the unexpected statement of the lawyer’s illegitimate son Spartaka Mishulina

СМИ распространили неожиданное заявление адвоката внебрачного сына Спартака Мишулина The representative of Timur Eremeeva appealed to the public. The representative of the possible relative Spartaka Mishulina claims that her client has proof of his innocence. According to the lawyer, some artist friends knew about the existence of his heir.
СМИ распространили неожиданное заявление адвоката внебрачного сына Спартака Мишулина

The alleged illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina Timur Eremeev continues to argue with the relatives of the artist. The young person is ready to undergo a DNA test, but puts the family of actor has its own requirements. Those, on the contrary, speak with other offers. Karina Mishulina, daughter of Spartak Vasilyevich, has also sued the administration, accusing him of libel.

Daughter Spartaka Mishulina feared the attacks of his alleged son’s DNA test

At the disposal of journalists turned out to be comment of the lawyer of Timur Victoria Krylova. The lawyer said that the young man never hid his relationship with a famous actor. Moreover, according to the woman, some familiar Spartaka Mishulina ready to support his alleged illegitimate son. Victoria chose not to name names of these people.

“I stay in touch with Timur and his mother. I will not jump ahead, but there are people who with confidence confirm everything stated by Timur. They were close with Spartak Vasilyevich, and watched all of these events. All the evidence we will present to the court just now, have no right to disclose ahead of time!” – said Krylov.
СМИ распространили неожиданное заявление адвоката внебрачного сына Спартака Мишулина

At the same time, the daughter of Spartaka Mishulina calls Timur’s an impostor. Karina said that her father eventually developed infertility. About it the actress said in the program NTV “You’re not gonna believe this!”.

“In 1981, two years after my birth, dad had an acute exacerbation of appendicitis. He was in the hospital. During his stay in the medical facility, he was stiff prostate. On the background of this problem, he developed infertility, and was diagnosed with a “dormant seed.” My mom went to the doctor, but he threw up his hands. They age was running out, wanted a second child, but the Pope elementary could not have children,” says Karina.

In the words of Mishulin, her mother started to have health problems in the nervous system. “It literally shakes. Sugar increased, the pressure jumps. I don’t want him to go unpunished for it,” said the daughter of a famous actor.

However, the lawyer Timur Eremeeva claims that the actor allegedly did not deny an illegitimate son. The parents of the young man kept his connection. According to the lawyer, the mother of Timur was afraid to ruin the career of Mishulina. “Spartak Vasilyevich recognized it because he himself grew up without a father. And Timur-growing up with my dad. But did not advertise it so happened, these were the days” – shared Victoria Krylova with