Media reported about the suspension of the process of divorce, Jolie and pitt

СМИ сообщили о приостановке бракоразводного процесса Джоли и Питта
Fans began to hope for reconciliation between the former spouses.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt


According to reports
overseas press in recent months, the divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt not
advanced a single step. And it’s not bureaucratic
difficulties. Just none of the parties has not taken any steps in this
direction. So fans of the pair appeared a faint hope: what if
Angelina and pitt will meet again?

How to claim
insiders, a significant warming in relations of divorcing spouses come
after pitt gave his famous interview to GQ in which he told about his difficult struggle with
alcohol dependence and in fact acknowledged his responsibility for the crash
marriage to Jolie.

As they say,
Angelina was really impressed with the courage and honesty of brad, because in order to speak publicly about
similar problems, however, requires considerable courage. Besides Jolie
praised the heroic efforts and successes
Pitt in fighting his “demon.” Now she is ready to believe that a firm intention
Brad “be a better father”, as he put it, not just empty words. Recently, pitt has proven the steadfastness of its decision to refuse
from alcohol. This summer, when brad came to have fun at music
festival in Glastonbury where alcohol is usually “flows like water”, he did not allow himself a single drop.

In turn,
Jolie, who recently gave edition of Vanity Fair, the first since the announcement about
divorce is a great interview, said:
“Me and brad connect is not indifferent attitude. We care about each other and about
our family and both are working to implement the same tasks.” Many readers felt that her words sounded reassuring.