СМИ сообщили о тайной свадьбе Елены Летучей
Popular TV presenter showed a picture of the bride dress.

Elena Letuchaya

According to media reports, in the life of Helena Bat was a long awaited joyful event: the TV presenter tied the knot with the chosen one — see Analogovym. The celebration reportedly took place in Greece in the strictest confidence. The wedding was attended by only the closest friends and relatives of the bride and groom, who came to Santorini for a few days before the secret ceremony.

In the microblog the presenter has already appeared the first picture, which was made, most likely in the wedding day the presenter. It Elena appeared before the fans in the bridesmaid dress. The dress is made in your favorite Fly simple style. However, some fans were left a little disappointed with the dress, about which so much was said the star, expecting to see something more spectacular. Incidentally, the photo Helen had left as a signature prayer “our father”.

The trip to Greece was a logical continuation of the recent bachelorette party Bat, which, by the way. was organized on a large scale. The party was held in the presidential Suite of a famous hotel. Goodbye Helena stag gathered her closest girlfriends.

By the way, anchor for a long time preferred to hide her lover. For the first time to go out with Yuri, she decided only once received a Valentine from him a proposal of marriage. Since then, she was in pleasant anticipation of the wedding celebration, which is meticulously prepared.

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