Media reported about the secret visit by Jolie and pitt

СМИ сообщили о секретной поездке Джоли и Питта According to sources, the actor met the former spouse and heirs. As reported by the foreign tabloids, pitt also allowed to pick someone of the kids with him to Los Angeles.

      Apply for a divorce in 2016, Angelina Jolie and brad pitt have again started to communicate. According to some, about a week ago, the stars talked on the phone about parenting, the tone of the conversation was very friendly. Perhaps the actors decided to leave all grudges in the past. According to foreign tabloids, pitt even managed to secretly see her kids.

      Angelina Jolie introduced a picture of “First they killed my father” in Cambodia. The heirs movie stars flew in with her for the premiere screening of the documentary. According to one insider source, the actor joined ex-wife and children during their journey.

      “Brad pitt secretly flew to Cambodia to spend time with sons and daughters,” – said surrounded by a couple.

      Besides, some children are unable to go along with his father in Los Angeles. According to the source, pitt has not lived in Cambodia all the time, while there was filming of Jolie, but a few times flew there to meet with the heirs. Angelina and brad managed to establish contacts. “The relationship between the former spouses become more calm, no longer that tension,” – said the source last week. Angelina Jolie is looking for ways of reconciliation with brad pitt

      Friends of the stars of the movie “Allies” repeatedly noted that it looks refreshed and cares about their health. Pitt began to train regularly in the gym and even lost a few pounds. The actor re-visits the social events and parties. Fans of brad admire that the man was able to overcome depression. According to some reports, the actor was forced to visit specialists, who helped him to restore mental condition.

      According to friends, pitt, family problems began due to the fact that Angelina is overly controlled by the spouse, and also did not understand his methods of parenting. During the divorce, the actress has stated the reason – irreconcilable differences.

      “Brad is not a Saint. But he is a loving father who never tore children evil. All he is trying to do is a little discipline them, because Angie is anything they are not limiting. Brad is much more wife and Yes, sometimes he yells at them, why their mother never does,” said the actor.