Media reported about the secret affair of Angelina Jolie

СМИ сообщили о тайном романе Анджелины Джоли
In the house of the actress in Malibu seen the mystery guest.

Angelina Jolie


According to the information
received foreign media reports, in
mansion Angelina Jolie recently regularly appears mysterious
guest. Curiously, he arrives only at a time when all six
children absent from home. This occurs most often when the actress sends Maddox,
Of pax Thien, Zahara, Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox on a date with father
Brad Pitt.

For the first time about
what Jolie has a new Beau, talking about a week ago. Then the edition
“In Touch” reported that, according to him, received
from an insider, Jolie began a secret affair. According to the reporter,the publication,
the actress began Dating a wealthy Brit who is a little older than 40
years. His name is not disclosed. Angelina allegedly met him in London in
last year, through his friends, and it happened shortly after she
filed a divorce petition.

Perhaps the fact
the last time Jolie became much more willingly and frequently to allow pitt
to see all his kids, explained by the fact that she had
the need to stay home alone to be able to meet his
the mysterious guest. As previously reported, pitt are very lucky:
Angelina allowed the kids to visit my dad at his house in Los Feliz. They stayed there for a few
hours and, according to bystanders, leaving the mansion, brad, all
the company looked very happy. According to lawyers Pitta, pronounced warming
in a relationship with Jolie in recent months, suggests that
what are the chances of getting joint custody of all six children, visibly
rise. However, the divorce process, which former spouses
coded, is still far from complete.