СМИ сообщили о беременности Пиппы Миддлтон According to rumors, the 33-year-old sister of Duchess Catherine is expecting the birth of a baby. According to preliminary information, the life of Pippa Middleton is three months. However, according to some information, they don’t say the sex of the baby.

In may 2017, the sister of Duchess of Cambridge Pippa Middleton is married to billionaire James Matthews, whom she met in 2012. the Wedding was held on a truly Royal scale. Now the public waits, when she will please with news about the pregnancy, because she has repeatedly said that he dreams to become a mother. Surrounded by girls already say, that it is already in the third month of pregnancy.

“Pippa has always said that he wants to have a child once married, and now her dream becomes a reality,” said the source.

The girl also said that the couple did not know the sex of the baby and want to keep it a secret until the baby’s born. However, Pippa Middleton believes that they will have a daughter.

“She saw many women in early pregnancy, therefore, hopes to continue to lead an active life up to the birth of a child,” – said the foreign editions.

The wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews with bated breath watched the whole UK. The girl said her lover, “Yes” in front of dozens of relatives and close friends.

After the official part all guests were off to Berkshire, where later came another 200 guests. The residence built a glass Palace, where was held a festive Banquet. And meals for him Pippa had chosen personally, and save on this, of course, did not. Journalists managed to find out that the wedding has cost little sister Kate and her chosen one in 100 thousand pounds, which is approximately seven and a half million rubles.

The bride chose a gown from Giles deacon, embroidered with beautiful lace, with a hollow collar and elegant back cutout in the shape of a heart. She was on a diet and actively engaged in sports, to look perfect. As reported by the Australian edition of Woman’s Day, she plans to lead an active lifestyle even during pregnancy.