СМИ сообщили о госпитализации беременной жены Дмитрия Тарасова According to some, Anastasia Kostenko did not feel well. In this regard, suggested by the journalists, Dmitry Tarasov dropped everything and appeared at the premiere of the long awaited series “Out of the game” in which he played himself.
СМИ сообщили о госпитализации беременной жены Дмитрия Тарасова

Summer in the home of footballer Dmitry Tarasov has to be a replenishment. The wife of an athlete, model, Anastasia Kostenko, is expecting a baby girl. Until recently, the girl complained of health issues and shared information on the process of her pregnancy on social networks. However, according to some, this week Anastasia was feeling unwell and was forced to turn to medical professionals. As journalists, Kostenko went to save in one of the capital perinatal centers.

The Anastasia has yet to respond to the information publicized. Ten hours ago model answer comments on Instagram and celebrated daughter. Kostenko posted the post, which talked about the musical taste of the future baby. As it turned out, she likes to listen to the songs of Julianna Karaulova.

“Is today really the Day daughter. I did not know about this holiday until, yet did not congratulate. Congratulations to all daughters. P. S. also noticed that the song of Julianna Karaulova “Fly with me” and like my little heart. For those who asked, the song was put in the app, InShot,” wrote the wife of the football player on social networks.

According to Anastasia Kostenko, she started nesting. You have chosen one of Dmitry Tarasov there was a strong desire to buy things for the baby and a nursery to build. “All to order, buy, paint, buy, test!”, – shared Anastasia. Dmitry said in an interview that is to take the time to prepare for the birth of a daughter. However, his wife always tells him otherwise.

About pregnancy of the wife of a famous football player became known in the beginning of the year. Later, Anastasia noticed in one of perinatal centers. The model underwent a routine ultrasound. For a long time Kostenko and Tarasov prefer not to share the good news with the public. Anastasia spoke about the upcoming addition to the family only on 29 March, his birthday. Daughter Kostenko and Tarasova needs to be born in late July-early August. About how happy parents will name the child, they have not yet reported.

Perhaps Dmitry Tarasov was able to attend a social event, the Wednesday, because of the poor health of his wife. Yesterday was the premiere of the series “Out of the game”, which was attended by many colleagues of the athlete for the football club “locomotive”, reports Teleprogramma.pro. However Tarasov, telling fans about a new project in social networks, suddenly came to the concert hall “Mir”.