Media reported about the emergency hospitalization Valery Garkalin

СМИ сообщают об экстренной госпитализации Валерия Гаркалина In press the information appeared that the famous actor was in one of the capital’s hospitals. Valery Garkalin was admitted to the Department on emergency surgical care with serious injuries.

      СМИ сообщают об экстренной госпитализации Валерия Гаркалина

      This morning, the media reported that popular actor Valery Garkalin was in the hospital. The material is said that 62-year-old man was taken to the emergency Department surgical care. According to some, the ambulance brought Garkalin in a state of alcoholic intoxication and serious injuries.

      The Garkalin, according to the journalists, the doctors said that badly slipped and fell in his home. The doctors discovered Valeria bruise of a thorax and a stupid trauma of a stomach. Currently, the actor undergoes a thorough examination by surgeons.

      Later it turned out that the visit Garkalin in the hospital was planned in advance. According to him, nothing terrible happened, he just a checkup, because it is not a perfect health. While doctors can’t let him go home.

      Meanwhile, the fate of Valery Garkalin can not be called simple. Famous actor barely survived a difficult period in his life. Seven years ago, quite suddenly and without good reason, departed this life his beloved wife. It was at that moment, the actor started “breaking bad”. Valery tried to survive the tragedy as best they could, and completely not paying attention to the world around you, and your family. Garkalin and now admits that it’s not easy to live with such a heavy load on the heart. The artist refuses to marry a second time.

      We will remind, in 2015 Valeriy already came into a bad situation – the actor was beaten. The incident happened right outside his house. Then the artist suffered as a result of a quarrel with a neighbor. “Garkalin in a state of alcoholic intoxication, broken tooth and bruised face,” said a source in law enforcement bodies. Witnesses of the conflict called the police and an ambulance, but from the hospital a crowd favorite refused. It should be noted that Garkalin has long been can not boast of good health. The actor suffered several heart attacks in 2008 and 2009. Millions of viewers across the country love artist, for his roles in theater and film. Valery Garkalin known for the paintings “Shirley myrli”, “offending Women is not recommended”, “Lily of the valley silvery”, “Pop”.

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