Media reported about the deadly disease by Vera Glagoleva

СМИ сообщили о смертельной болезни Веры Глаголевой
The actress suspected cancer.

Dmitry Krivocheev and Vera Glagoleva (may 2017)

Photo: @dmitrykrivochurov Instagram

A number of Russian media reported that Vera Glagoleva allegedly struggling with cancer. This information originally appeared in social networks. While none of the relatives of the actress has not commented on the rumors of her serious illness.

“As people’s artist of Russia deteriorated a few days ago. She had to spend the night in intensive care. The doctors sent her home. At the moment, the actress remains under the supervision of physicians,” reports Life.

The last couple of years Faith realizes itself in the role of Director. Not so long ago came to an end the shooting of the project “Clay pit”, filmed under the leadership of Glagoleva.