СМИ сообщили о закрытии программы «Пока все дома» It is alleged that the First channel has decided to terminate the contract with the company “the House”, performing a transfer. The reason for the termination of cooperation was the publication in the Network in which Timur Kizâkova was accused of abuse of power.
СМИ сообщили о закрытии программы «Пока все дома»

Media reported that the TV program “While all houses” will no longer be released on the First channel. Members of the press reported that the company had terminated a contract with a third party “Home”, engaged in the production of content. Official data regarding the possible closure of the transfer has not yet appeared, but the source of the correspondents confirmed this information to journalists.

Insiders said that the contract was cancelled on the results of internal audits. It was organized after the publication in the media that leading transmission Timur Kizyakov and his wife Elena allegedly took the money for the production of commercials about the orphans in category “you will Have a child.”

“It is a fact. And the decision on the termination of the contract with the company was made not today, but about a month ago. Check the channel began as soon as the first publications appeared in the media. In the end, the information about the fraud was confirmed, and the decision was made to close the program. The main reason is because of the bad reputation of the program. And everyone was waiting for some action from the First channel” – correspondent quoting an informed source.
СМИ сообщили о закрытии программы «Пока все дома»

As a result, according to sources close to the leadership of the First channel, it turned out that the received money not only from the channel for the production of transmission on outsource, but also from the state and from sponsors. According to journalists, including those who contributed funds for the establishment column of the orphans, was a manufacturer of ceramic tiles.

Company “House” was in 2015, belongs to Timur and Alexander Kazakovu Mitroshenkova. A very small proportion of “House” in the amount of 1% also owns the head of the organization Nina Podkolzin. Reporters contacted the business partner of well-known TV presenter, but he said that he has no information about the financial scandal. “I’m away”, – quotes RBC of a man.

“StarHit” contacted representatives of the First channel, however, they said that the first time I hear about it and can’t comment on a publication that appeared in the media. Likely, viewers get their news about the future “While all the houses” in the near future. According to some unconfirmed reports, Timur Kizyakov can go on the “Russia 1”.

Later, the presenter commented on the situation to reporters. Timur Kizyakov told that the company is “the House” itself terminated the contract with the First channel in may. According to the man, the sponsoring company has not transferred funds directly to the accounts of the project, and to the guardianship. In addition, the transmission acted strict accountability. Dung has denied the rumors that he was enriched at the expense of creating movies about orphans.

“It was a colossal stuffing Internet about the fact that we are cashing in on it that much. I now believe that the First channel trying to save face when programs with years of reputation go. And if to be exact, the “scandal” that tried to blow up these business organizations dealing with children, occurred in December. And somehow in that moment, the First channel just stepped aside and pretended that we didn’t know. Now, in order to save face, they found the cause,” said Dung.

The TV star also explained why he decided to stop working on the First channel. “The main reason that we unacceptable the methods of management of the First channel, which are now out there practicing,” says Dung.

At the moment the staff “While all houses” mulling the future of the project, the radio station “Moscow Says”.

Recall that a popular program was first introduced in the First channel in 1992. The heading “you will Have a baby” began fourteen years after the start of the show TV show. Timur Kizyakov has been the leading program.