Media report on divorce a cancer patient Hugh Jackman

СМИ сообщают о разводе больного раком Хью Джекмана To the actor confirmed that his family is not going smoothly. Other tabloids said that the star of the movie “Logan” doesn’t live with his wife for several months, and at parties prefers to communicate with people much younger than themselves.

      Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman has not appeared in society with his wife Deborrah-Lee Furness. Surrounded by the pair say, that they annulled the marriage a few months ago. The husband and wife lived together for 20 years. Despite the fact that friends considered them a happy couple, evil tongues claim that Hugh has cooled to the Deborra-Lee.

      “The wife more and more time away from each other, despite once given the promise that they will leave no more than 2 weeks”, – said the insider reporters.

      The actor himself, who travels to cities and countries as part of a promotional tour for the release of the film “Logan”, nothing specific about this situation says. A representative of Jackman noted that all information about problems in the family Jackman 100 percent was fabricated by his detractors. Fans of the spouses continue to worry, because the rumors for no reason do not arise.

      According to one of the foreign media, Hugh prefers to spend more time with the guys younger than him by several years. In addition, the tabloid mentioned that microblog Jackman have not had pictures with his wife. “On the page the actor posted a selfie from the gym, as well as pictures and videos that advertise the films with his participation”, – writes the magazine.

      Recall that earlier, Jackman was diagnosed with health problems. Experts have established that the actor is suffering from a recurrence of cancer. “Again basalioma. Through frequent inspections, and amazing doctors all is well. It looks horrible because of the bandage. I swear,” this post left Hugh on the page in the social network two weeks ago. The fans support the actor and wish him well.

      Himself Hugh advised fans to monitor the condition of your skin. “An example of what happens if you do not use the means of protection from the sun. Basal-cell carcinoma. A mild form of cancer. Please use sunscreen and have regular checkup!” – said the actor.