Media: Prince before her death she was treated for overdose

СМИ: Принс перед смертью лечился от передозировки

Insiders refuted the information that the famous singer died because of the flu.

Fans around the world mourn: the evening of 21 April it became known that the singer Prince had died. Official representatives of the musician he also stated: “Died from severe influenza”. However, journalists immediately put this assertion into question.

Later it turned out that a few days before his death the Prince had called the ambulance. Popular singer became ill after taking drugs…

“The Prince was given medical assistance from a drug overdose six days before his death,” writes TMZ, citing its own sources.

According to U.S. media, after hospitalization, doctors tried to persuade the musician to stay in the hospital, but the Prince refused because he was not provided with a separate bathroom.

However, while law enforcement agencies have not confirmed this version. Currently the local police is engaged in studying of archival records of the hospital in Moline (just here and was delivered to the singer). And only then will be known what actually caused the death of a star.

The singer Prince, we recall, was born June 7, 1958 in Minnesota. The whole world knew him as one of the best American performers of the direction of the rhythm and Blues. He was the first to join incompatible – funk and soul. And thus a revolution in music.

The first solo disk of the musician Prince poyavilsya on sale in 1978. Since then he never ceased to delight his fans with new compositions.

57-year-old Prince was seven times awarded the prize “Grammy”, held in the hands of figurines “Oscar” and “Golden globe”. In 2005 the name of the Prince was brought into the Hall of fame rock-n-roll.

In recent years the artist has become increasingly rare to appear on stage, but it’s not how many does not diminish his glory. However, the Prince was very worried about it. In the early 2000s he joined the faith and became one of Jehovah’s witnesses.

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