СМИ: Пэрис Хилтон выходит замуж за Криса Зилку

Sister’s marriage and the birth of a niece causes a slight shade of envy of socialite and DJ Paris Hilton. The heir to a famous name and fortunes were thinking about his personal life. For several months she is Dating a 32-year-old actor Chris Silkey, and, according to insiders, is preparing to marry him.

Their relationship began in February of this year, but 36-year-old celebrity enough of this to agree to marry the beloved. Insiders close to Paris, leaked to journalists of the edition HollywoodLife that Hilton accepted the offer of marriage, and even began preparations for the wedding.
“Paris realized that with Chris she wants to spend the rest of your life, and now they are planning their long and happy married life. They have already discussed the wedding and even the birth of children. The first step will be an engagement party. Paris has already visited several jewelry boutiques of Beverly hills in search of engagement and wedding rings,” said the insider.
Recall that Hilton was previously engaged. The grooms did not long remain a billionaire, Thomas gross, they broke up in April of 2016 because of employment and unwillingness to yield to each other.
Chris, Paris finds his soul mate.
“We are soul mates, that’s for sure. 100 percent. For me to be soul mate is to be a better friend to implicitly trust and want to live the rest of your life as a whole. It’s the best feeling in the world,” said happy Paris in an interview with ET Online in may of this year.