Media: Nastassja Samburski is preparing to divorce

СМИ: Настасья Самбурская готовится к разводу
Fans worried for the marriage of the actress.

Nastasya Samburski and Cyril, Duzevic

Photo: @samburskaya Instagram Nastasya Samburski

Fans suspect that Nastasya Samburski severed relations with her husband, Cyril Dievice. Recently the actress was removed from all social networks joint photo with spouse. In the age of modern technology like the behavior of girls leads only to one thought: Nastasia got in that big fight with Cyril. Incidentally, he did the same and erased all of microblog pictures with Samburski.

In the press sounded the version that Samburski may have already started preparing for the upcoming divorce with Cyril. However, no comments star couple never did. Fans pester the artist with questions: “is It true? Broke up?”, “What happened? Is not able to save the family?” But Nastasia is adamant and does not disclose cards.

Recall that before Nastasia married, she is a long time met with singer Alexander Ivanov, acting under the pseudonym “IVAN”. With him Samburski, by the way, also broke up without explanation. That way nastasi and Alexander really went became known after nine months. Nastasia almost a year was silent about the break with Ivanov, except to report to the fans. Fans, to honor the actress, did not know any scandalous details of her personal life.