СМИ: Миранда Керр сыграла тайную свадьбу с миллиардером
Ex-wife Orlando bloom again became a married lady.

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel


As reported by overseas media, including
the online edition eonline.com yesterday, the 34-year-old Miranda Kerr was the lawful wife of
26-year-old billionaire Evan Spiegel.

The news that the house in Brentwood,
owned by Spiegel, and where lately lived, and also Miranda, is afoot
something important appeared the day before. So, the reporters mirror.co.uk “spotted”
trucks, who came to the house Spiegel and some bustle in the back yard.
Since some time ago Miranda told me that preparations for her
wedding with Spiegel is in full swing, and that the ceremony will be held soon, all
decided the wedding should take place this weekend. And, as
confirmed a source eonline.com these assumptions proved to be correct.

Reportedly, Kerr married yesterday
legal marriage with Spiegel, the ceremony was kept secret. So about
as the event took place, reporters managed to find out not too much. They
it became known that the wedding was attended by less than 50 guests from
among the closest friends and relatives, one of whom was the son of Kerr from her
marriage with Orlando bloom — Flynn. The ceremony began B16.30 and lasted about
20 minutes. And this was followed by a reception with cocktails, accompanied by “live
music” performed by the string Quartet. All the action unfolded in the tents installed
near the house of Spiegel, richly decorated with roses, and was decorated in a “rustic”
style. And the groom and the bride seemed very
excited and could not hold back tears of joy…

Recall that
although Miranda and Evan met
at a charity event.in 2014, their romance began only in 2015. And
offer his beloved Spiegel did in July of last year, bringing her
ring with a stunning diamond. Interestingly, as claimed by Miranda, though
that she has for some time lived with her son Flynn in the house of Spiegel, the bride and
the bride decided to keep a Platonic relationship before the wedding….