СМИ: Майли Сайрус беременна от Лиама Хемсворта

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth for the past several years associated with quite a complicated relationship. Star is madly in love with each other, we can’t even attend the same party.

Anyway, bygones for both left behind and now Liam and Miley gave each other another chance to build happiness. It seems that building relationships is quite well. Recently close to the pair assured the others that Hemsworth did sweetheart proposal of marriage. They say, wedding is not far off and should not take place in the United States, and the home of the handsomest in Australia. There were reports even that the wedding has already taken place and now his coldness to people, the actor and the singer only mock others, not wanting to tell them the truth.

Today there are new rumors about the future of this couple. The closest friends I assure Cyrus that she is pregnant. It is reported that on his interesting position she told the 23-year-old Miley.

How true this is is anyone’s guess. Note that if Cyrus really pregnant, visually it will appear after a couple of weeks.

We will remind, the pair met in 2009 on the set of the movie “the Last song”, and in 2012, the actor made Miley an offer and presented a diamond ring 3.5 carats. In 2013, however, the lovers parted. However, three years later the pair reunited in 2015 Cyrus and Hemsworth were first spotted together celebrating New year in Australia.

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