Media: Kim Kardashian hides the gap with her husband

СМИ: Ким Кардашьян скрывает разрыв с мужем

American reality star Kim Kardashian is going through hard times in his personal life. Insiders close to her family, reported that the celebrity marriage is crumbling and that her husband Kanye West in fact he simply ran away, leaving his wife and children.

Last week it became known that the rapper decided to look for inspiration on the tops of the mountains in Wyoming. Besides, he withdrew from all social networks in which consisted.
“Kim conceals it with Kanye a difficult breakup. He went to write new music, and she even supported his idea before, but now, when the ratings of the show “living with the Kardashian” is rapidly falling down, he needed her home. Kanye decided that he was more important,” said the insider.
Recall that this year for the first time in recent years, the West has not appeared with his wife at the Ball costume Institute, and Kim had to go to the event in splendid isolation, and even reply to all the questions, where did her husband.
“Kim never says how actually are they with Kanye doing, all she can hear is that they are all fine and that she loves him. She’s been hiding the truth about their relationship” — said the source.