Media: Keti Topuria divorced

СМИ: Кети Топурия развелась с мужем

A few hours ago, some Russian media reported that the famous Georgian and Russian singer, soloist of group “A-Studio” Katie Topuria broke up with her husband and the father of her daughter Olivia Lev Gamanam.

Such information is very frustrating for fans of celebrity, because all still remember their beautiful wedding. While neither Katie or Leo not comment on his departure, and we can only speculate about the reasons for the collapse of a seemingly happy family.
Recall that earlier media have already reported about the acute bouts of jealousy 43-year-old businessman. Supposedly he was irritated by frequent visits Katy in United States of America and close friendship of his wife with rapper Body. The couple was caught by the paparazzi on holiday in Thailand in January of this year, but suspected of adultery performers publicly refuted this slander.
I hope that the news about the separation of the spouses will be the next “sensation”, the bloated, out of nothing, and wait for official confirmation of the information.