СМИ: Кэти Перри встречается с Крисом Мартином


СМИ: Кэти Перри встречается с Крисом Мартином
Recently, The frontman of the band Coldplay, and his new passion sedately strolling through the festival to Glastonbury and didn’t try to hide from prying eyes. According to witnesses, the happy couple spent together the whole evening.

“Chris and Katie walked hand in hand, and it was evident that they are very sympathetic to each other” — said an eyewitness.
According to the newspaper The Sun, the couple briefly separated fans Katie, for the sake of communication which Chris walked to the side. They later reunited, but behind the scenes, both were vistupali that night in front of an audience.
According to information obtained from insiders, celebrities are constantly exchanging messages, most of which relates to collaboration. Who knows, maybe soon we will hear their duet.