Media: Karl Lagerfeld retires

СМИ: Карл Лагерфельд уходит в отставку

Karl Lagerfeld

According to the insiders, the upcoming fashion show Chanel cruise collection, which will be held in Cuba next month, will be the last for Karl Lagerfeld.

He was very tired from all of this. The last time Karl hasn’t been feeling well, he knew it was time to stop,

— secretly told reporters, a close friend of the designer, who asked to remain anonymous.

The words of an anonymous source has stirred up the world of fashion, but not surprised, because the master is already well over 80 years old (exact age unknown Lagerfeld: biographers claim that in September he will be 83 years old, but on the official website of fashion designer listed a very different age — 78 years).

While the creative Director of Chanel said many times that to retire is not going:

Why should I retire? If I fail, I will cease to live, would die immediately, so everything will be over,

— back in 2012 stated the designer, in an interview.

Note that his hard work mater similar to the founder of Chanel, Coco, which, as you know, worked in the company she created up to the last days of life (i.e., to 87 years). Now fans of the iconic talent of the designer wondering what is next for the fashion House in the future. It is difficult to imagine Chanel without the participation of the great and terrible Karl, don’t you?

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