Media: Jennifer Lopez and Drake broke up

СМИ: Дженнифер Лопес и Дрейк расстались

A month and a half of happiness and love Jennifer Lopez and Drake ended. According to some Western publications, the couple broke up. However, it is noted that at the time. Like, Lopez and Drake can’t reconcile their schedules, so decided to temporarily stop seeing, because it is so tiring.

However, the separation of one of the most unlikely couples of showbiz did not cause any surprise. Many previously believed that the affair was only a publicity stunt, which sooner or later has got to stop.

By the way, that breakup’s coming netizens said at the beginning of the week, when Drake off the stage before the audience said that for him the “Queen of everything” and remains Rihanna. Let’s see if Drake is to return the location of this Barbados beauty.

Earlier, Lopez told why she prefers younger men.