СМИ: Дженнифер Энистон планирует усыновить ребёнка в Мексике

Western media reported that actress Jennifer aniston, which is already rather tired of the insinuation of her birth, finally decided on the ka drastic changes in my life. She and her husband Justin Teru is planning to adopt two children in neighboring Mexico.

According to the publication, Radar Online, aniston regularly helps Mexican orphanages, Casa Hogar Sion and Casa Hogar de Los Ninos in Tijuana, helping with household needs, toys, clothes.
“Helping orphanages, Jen brought some happiness into your life. They brought her dream to have her own children and husband of the actress and Justin Teru fully supports her in this. She was very eager to become a mother, to feel what it’s like. She agreed to changes in their lives,” — said the insider. By the way, the idea of adopting a child from Mexico came to her mind, when she was still married to Brad pitt, but then they divorced and Jennifer for years has refused this idea.
“Brad always told her that she make a good mother, and that he believes it. Due to poor relations with his own mother, Jennifer, postponed the childbearing for later, could not decide, and pitt gave her the confidence” — said an insider close to Aniston.
We don’t know how true this information, but I would love to believe that yellowish press at least once hit the nail on the head.