Media: Ivanka trump will take the place of the first lady in the White house

СМИ: Иванка Трамп займет место первой леди в Белом доме

The inauguration of Donald trump is scheduled for January 2017. Then the businessman will move into the White house and will assume his presidential duties. As you know, the wife of the Donald, Melania trump, has refused to change new York to Washington, arguing that the fact that doesn’t want their son changed his place of study in the middle of the school year.

But Melania noted that all the functions of a first lady she’s ready to perform even at a distance.

Today, the media reported that some of the responsibilities which would have to do you can lie on the shoulders of Donald’s daughter Ivanka.

35-year-old daughter trump said earlier that he was going to leave work in the company of the Trump Organization, to help his father.

Ivanka is well versed in issues relating to women and children. No one is better able than she to work in this direction“, – once said trump, because these assumptions do not seem so reckless.