СМИ: Ирина Шейк и Брэдли Купер помолвлены!
Cooper gave his beloved a ring worthy of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Irina Shayk

Photo: @justjared Instagram

Just a couple of weeks ago it became known that Irina Shayk
expecting her first baby, and there was another sensational news about Irina:
American media announced the engagement Shake and the father of her unborn child — Bradley Cooper!
This information was shared with readers the Internet site people.com

News of the engagement of Irene spread after
as the paparazzi photographed a model on the streets of Los Angeles with a stunning ring on the ring
finger. Spectacular jewel made a strong impression, and she had already
to compare with the ring of Princess Diana on her tragic death, Prince
William presented to mark the engagement of his beloved Kate Middleton. The fact that the gift of the Cooper do
reminiscent of the famous thing. However, unlike the jewelry that is on
finger the wife of the heir to the throne, ring Irina adorned with a large oval emerald
surrounded by diamonds. While in the center of the ring Kate flaunts stunning

Shayk photographed at the moment when she left
from the beauty salon. And when she saw the photographers did not make any attempts to hide
no sparkly ring, no its still not too outstanding, but noticeable tummy. Irina looked relaxed and happy,
because the last time she mentioned that she wanted to be a mom.

Let’s remind, that Irina, who has never before been
married, began Dating Bradley Cooper in the spring of 2015 after years of
how have completed their five-year relationship with the famous footballer
Cristiano Ronaldo. Cooper also previously have never been married. Prior to the meeting
with Shake, the longest of the novels of actor was he with Renee Zellweger:
they lived together for three years, but he never married.