СМИ: Эмма Стоун вернулась к своему любимому
The actress reunited with Andrew Garfield.

Emma stone and Andrew Garfield


Fans of Emma stone rejoice —
available information, the actress returned to Andrew Garfield, which broke up two
years ago after a relationship that lasted more than four years.

Reportedly, over the last
time they are not seen together. In particular, the actress came to performances
one of the London theatres in the play “Angels In America”, where Andrew plays a major role. 28-year-old Emma
enthusiastically applauded beloved sitting in the hall, and at the end of presentation
went to see Andrew behind the scenes. And from the theater they walked together…

Among other things, to choose the time
for the trip to London, Emma was not easy. After the success of the film
“La La Land” the actress literally showered with offers of new roles. But in the pause after the completion of the filming of the movie ”
Battle of the Sexes” and start working on a new series she
managed to find a way to take them to America, to London.

In fact, friends of the actress
hope it is on this turn of events. On one hand, everyone was
sure that Andrew and Emma are perfect for each other. And on the other — both
claimed that he had maintained romantic feelings for each other.

“I still love him.
The past year has been for me, of course, good, but sad…” — admitted
Stone some time ago to summarize 2016. And Andrew said that if
he would have offered to choose from all the inhabitants of the Earth for someone with whom he could
going on a desert island, then he certainly would have called Emma. “I
love her…” said Garfield.