СМИ: Эллен Помпео в третий раз стала матерью

This is a new year surprise! Actress Ellen Pompeo, star of TV series “grey’s Anatomy” and her husband Chris ivy, apparently, became parents for the third time. Dec 28, husband of the actress was caught by the paparazzi – the man was spotted on the streets of Los Angeles with a small child in her arms.

Much is unknown, this shared with Ellen child, or we misunderstood something.. The 47-year-old actress and her husband already have two young children – seven-year-old Stella and two-year-old Sienna, which they gave birth to a surrogate mother. It is possible that they this time turned to her for help.
At full strength the family was seen in July this year in new York. But at that time no signs of pregnancy for the actress has not been seen. Plans to increase family Ellen is not voiced, obviously wanting to surprise the fans. And this, I must say, she succeeded. Congratulations to a couple of addition!